The Importance of Catch Weight

Edgewater Fullscope offers catch weight software that extends the functionality in the advanced warehouse management and transportation management modules available in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2013 R3.

The ability to accurately address catch weight within an ERP system is a critical requirement in food manufacturing and other industries where products can have variability in shipped or received units.

"Catch weight" is a commonly used food industry term defined as the "variable weight per individual unit." The term is also used in other industries such as chemicals, paper, mining and pharmaceuticals. Products that vary naturally by size, quantity or volume are often sold in individual cases, packages, rolls, bins, totes or containers. However, the numerical quantity in these container units or packages are determined by the product's weight, volume or size, and as a result the actual quantity may differ significantly. Variations in the actual quantity can increase shipping costs and effect final item invoiced pricing, which can impact profitability.

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