Top 10 ERP Features for Meat & Proteins Processors

​​​​​​For enterprise resource planning (ERP) markets, what traditionally has been known as the "meat processing industry" has expanded into "the proteins industry," which includes many non-meat sectors.

Why the change? Consumer demand for meat has expanded to other protein-based products that are alternatives to beef. In their quests for healthier diets, consumers are now looking at high protein supplements and non-beef products (such as alpaca, bison, dairy products, elk, equine, goat, lamb, ostrich, emu, pork, poultry and venison and even soy). Some sectors in the protein space obviously are not fit for human consumption (such as dog and cat food), but for the sake of ERP applications, the requirements are the same.

This white paper identifies the top ERP features that are necessary for proteins and meat processing companies to run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

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