ERP for Chemical Manufacturers

​​​​​​​Without a doubt, the chemical manufacturing world is complex. Chemical industry challenges abound, from the regulatory pressures from smoke stack, effluent and solid waste production to the need to keep sufficient raw material inventories to avoid expensive delays in a high capacity production environment. Add to that price pressures from the competition, rising energy costs and supporting health and safety practices, both in the workplace and for the transport of goods, and the financial implications become exponential.

For over 15 years, Edgewater Fullscope has helped commodity, industrial, specialty and agricultural chemical companies implement ERP for chemical manufacturers. Beyond basic production requirements including co-products and by-products including waste, formula management and the never-ending task of staying compliant, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP for the chemical process industry is designed to address these specific challenges:

Make Use of Off-Spec Materials

Most chemical companies create off-spec materials. Large quantities of off-spec materials may exist in drums all over plants, which means big dollars tied to unsellable inventory.

  • Use formulations in Microsoft Dynamics AX to rework and reblend and incorporate a small percent of off-spec materials in a given batch and use up this previously "unusable" inventory

Access Real-time Inventory Levels

The need to adjust forecasts and inventory to help ensure adequate supply for demand is a never-ending one, especially with some of the expensive feedstock considerations.

  • Get lot tracking, specification management and production statistics reporting for early detection of problems and more consistent production of high-quality products
  • Prioritize to support different customer service levels and generate production plans that minimize the impact of set up and changeovers

Revolutionize Data Access

The traditional way of accessing data ​—​​ in standardized monthly sales, production or inventory reports —​ will not cut it for today's chemical manufacturer. Not only do you need real-time information, you need access to raw data beyond that found in standard reports.

  • Completely track product information, from raw materials to inventory to production to the finished products, with data stored in Dynamics AX and easily accessible by other Microsoft systems, including Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint

Optimize Assets

Chemical manufacturers value throughput and must look to optimize current assets without making additional plant and equipment investments.

  • Take high and low output periods into consideration and make production plans that avoid underutilization
  • Predict the impact of disruptions or operational changes
  • Maximize yields and reduce costs while simultaneously achieving quality standards
  • Get the visibility you need to better understand the relationships among orders, production, inventory and distribution.

Meet Safety, Quality and Compliance Requirements

  • Document standard processes
  • Track and log operations and results
  • Use traceability, lot requirements, production statistics reporting, specification management and change management to get the control and predictability you need to detect and address exceptions early
  • Track items from cradle to grave and be confident in your ability to implement effective recall procedures with complete forward and backward traceability of any material.      

Secure a Complete Chemical Solution

For most chemical manufacturers, the process functionality in Dynamics AX 2012 is enough. For others who need more, Fullscope has pre-selected other Microsoft ISV solutions that are integrated with AX 2012, and can solve specific issues like EAM, advanced scheduling, MES, formula optimization, transportation costing, and more.

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