Fullscope Led Summit Sessions


​​Wednesday, Oct 12​​​ 8:00-9:00 AMHow to Become a "CRM Ready" Organization​​​Patrick Lewis

​10:00-11:00 AMAX 2012 Build, Release and Deploy in 60 Minutes​​​Bernd Loske
​10:00-11:00 AMWhat You Need to Know About Reporting and BI with Dynamics AX​​Gina Pabalan
​10:00-11:00 PM​Intro to Upgrading - Why, What, When, Where, Who, and How​Dan Fite
​10:00-11:00 AM​​Recall Management​​ in Microsoft Dynamics AX​​Glenn Goulding & Sylvain Menard
​11:15 AM-12:15 PM​​Extending and Creating Dynamics AX OLAP Cubes in AX 2012​​​Nigel Murdoch
​1:30-2:30 PMBest Practices and Strategies for Consolidating Your Data​Gina Pabalan &
David Zebrowitz
​Thursday, Oct 13​5:00-6:00 PM​Business Planning for an Upgrade​Dan Fite
​​​5:00-6:00 PM​​Things You Need to Know About AX and Catch Weight​Ginger Griffith &
Traci Didonna
​Friday, Oct 14​8:45-9:45 AM​The Future of AX: The Upgrade Path to the Cloud​Dan Fite
​2:30-3:30 PM​Connecting Power BI to Dynamics AX 2012 Entity Data Store​Nigel Murdoch
​​​2:30-3:30 PM​Product Compliance and MSDS Integration​Emir Dobraca &
Linda Hope
​​3:45​-4:45 PM​​Common Mistakes Made in AX Development​ ​Bernd Loske​
​3:45​-4:45 PMDynamics AX Upgrades - A Roundtable Discussion
Dan Fite​
​3:45-4:45 PMManaging Your Quality Processes in Dynamics AX​​Ginger Griffith & Traci Didonna​​

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