How to Use Atlas to Build Reports in Dynamics AX

​​​​​​​In this webcast, we will see how to use Atlas to build reports and use its simple, secure upload capabilities to load journals, budgets, forecasts, and orders. 

Here are the key points that are covered in this on demand webcast:

  • Mix and match data sources, including merging data from Microsoft Dynamics AX and non-AX data sources (any data warehouse, cube, or external database)
  • Report and upload in one report, including blending real-time data into existing Office documents and visualization canvases, and uploading back into Microsoft Dynamics ERP to create or edit master data.
  • Build dashboard reports, workspaces, presentations, and pages using Atlas Desktop
  • All Atlas features: Including drilling down to source transactions and powerful reporting / uploading styles in one report
  • Atlas Roadmap: Where Atlas is headed in the future with AX 7 and Power BI

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